It's important to understand my policies and procedures - please review all the information below...
  • 1) Content
  • 2) Ownership
  • 3) "Working" Files
  • 4) Back-ups
  • 5) Print
  • 6) Logo Redesign
  • 7) Billing & Payment
  • 8) Support
  • 9) Communication
  • 10) Schedule
  • 11) Planning

1) Content

You must supply your content. I cannot take text or images from other websites or sources. Please make note of these rules when providing content:
  - Send plain-text content in email, or as TXT, or RTF file.
  - Don't embed files into an email or word document. Don't link to images on an external website or social network. Images or other content should be sent as email attachments.
  - Any necessary stock photography must be purchased and provided to me by the client.

2) Ownership

When you work with me, you are paying for my services - you do not own the rights to the creative methods, programs, or techniques used to produce the work. You have no right to resell, redistribute, exploit the programming, or use these services in a way that violates any laws.

3) "Working" Files

Also referred to as "layered" files and/or "project" files. There is absolutely no guarantee that the "working" files will work in a different environment, due to various: operating system, software versions, fonts, etc. Consdering that, the "working" files can be provided for an additional fee. The work I produce is always delivered in the appropriate format requested by the manufacturer, which in most cases is PDF, JPG, or EPS.

4) Back-ups

I back up data as frequently as possible, but after a project is complete, I won't be held responsible for any lost data or resources for any reason.

5) Print

Content provided for print needs to be high-resolution (300dpi, and large enough for the desired application). Images from the web or low-res logos will not work well - I cannot be held accountable for low quality results from low-res images.

6) Logo Redesign

Logo design is a separate service. Services such as business card redesign or website redesign do not automatically include a logo redesign.

7) Billing & Payment

A 50% deposit is required for work totalling $500 or more. Your deposit will be applied to the final bill of the completed project. "Rush-jobs" are projects requiring completion within 24 hours. Rush-jobs are charged 25% on the total work. Some jobs are billed immediately following completion. Billing typically occurs on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Cash or check is preferred. Payments not received within 30 days may be subject to a 5% late fee.

8) Support

I will assist with any problem that is directly related to my work. Any technical issues not directly related to my work should be addressed by the appropriate person, for example, your IT guy, the Hosting company, or your Internet Service Provider.

9) Communication

Email is my preferred means of communication. Email keeps track of all work and conversations, so there's never any conflict of "he-said she-said". You will always get a quicker and more accurate response from me via email, as opposed to other forms of communication.

10) Schedule

I do my best to respond same-day, whether day or night. I frequently accomodate rush-jobs and urgent requests, but this should never be expected - please give me atleast 2 days to prepare for any new work requests. I may need several weeks notice for larger projects, like: logos, websites, animation, brochures, or anything that requires sigficant planning.

11) Planning

It is very important to outline your project. Please do not send one idea after another... instead, outline your thoughts and collect your content, then send everything to me at once. I discourage "band-aid" solutions and "work as we go" planning. Be as informative and descriptive as possible with your requests. A good understanding of your overall needs will allow me to better estimate the cost of the work, make realistic expectations, and produce quality results. Poorly planned projects inevitably waste time and money.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I truly appreciate your cooperation and professionalism!

Modified: Nov 9th, 2013



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7/20/2012 - No longer offering web programming services...
After much consideration, I've decided to stop offering programming services. For the most part, this will not affect current clients or projects. This applies specifically to future web development projects. Read more>>

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